[Webinar] The extended stay/residential rental crossover

By Earl Murtagh-Naughton – Head of Marketing & Brand Development, IMS

Delighted to participate in the recent Serviced Apartment News Webinar Series installment entitled “The extended stay/residential rental crossover”. IMbeen tS have

Thanks, George Sell and International Hospitality Media Limited & well done to our fellow panelists Merilee Karr (Founder and CEO, TrustedStays/UnderTheDoormat) and Qassim Ali (Co-founder and Managing director, CoStays).

We had a really interesting discussion about the crossover between serviced apartments and BTR Developments. Great engagement from our audience and we hope everyone enjoyed the session just as much as we did!

Webinar Series sponsored by IMS

With extended stay guests looking to stay for longer, and BTR operators offering minimum lengths of stay as little as three months, is there sweet spot where serviced apartments and BTR are servicing the same guests? Will the lines blur even further in the future?

You will learn:

Differences and similarities between BTR and extended-stay product.
Where is the client base overlapping?
How are BTR operators targetting corporate business?
How are extended-stay operators targetting long-stay residential guests?
Will we see both uses in the same development and how does the skillset for operating extended stay and BTR overlap?