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IMS is a Wi-Fi & Communications Technology Partner for the Build-to-Rent sector, for whom we provide fully integrated solutions including: Broadband, Wi-Fi, IPTV, Casting, IP Phone, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, and Consultancy.

IMS are excited to be a part of this fast growing market, helping to provide the technology expertise and support needed to facilitate this ever increasing sector. In our role we advise clients on the kind of technology needed for BTR models, helping to create smart building systems with high-quality internet access with full fibre broadband and a managed WiFi Network.

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Fast, secure Connectivity and WiFi is a priority for your tenants

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Reliable and resilient Connectivity is key for Build-To-Rent Developments. Your tenants simply expect that Internet Connectivity and WiFi Performance will be excellent. Network connectivity in BTR developments can be demanding, with amenities also making up these residences and the ability to connect to the internet from all these spaces is required by tenants. These amenities could include co-working spaces, gyms, or communal living areas.

IMS understands the unique pressures of Multi-Tenant Living. That’s why we build simpler, more reliable, and adaptable network solutions that unlock the potential of your network. IMS delivers Superfast Connectivity for Multi-Tenant Buildings to help transform the tenant experience – creating a Wi-Fi network for the future and one which is scalable!

IMS are specialists in creating and managing bespoke WiFi Solutions for Build-To-Rent & Multi-Tenant Living. A managed WiFi Network by IMS is the foundation of your building’s technological capabilities and all digital services (Digital Signage, IP Phone, IPTV, Video Conferencing) in a BTR development.

Anything less than excellent will result in complaints for your team and issues for you. This is why installing our managed WiFi Network is essential to ensure that your tenant’s satisfaction levels are high, and your team can focus on providing great service.

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A True Home WiFi Experience

BTR | Serviced Apartments | Aparthotel | IMS | WiFi

IMS allows residents to connect to their own personal private WiFi Network to replicate a connection experience just like at home. Residents’ numerous connected devices (smartphones, computers, consoles, smart TVs, Chromecast, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc.) can easily be connected to the WiFi of the Build-to-Rent Development and can easily and securely communicate with one another.

IMS has achieved this feat by developing a technology we call the Personal Entertainment Network while maintaining the physical architecture of collective WiFi. The PEN is not just limited to the apartment, it allows you to roam throughout the property while staying connected to the private, secure network.

Great Service as Standard

We understand that there are many companies that can provide connectivity services to your building and set up internet for your tenants, but we know that the real value of our offering lies in the exceptional customer service that our team provides.
From the professionalism of our installation team through to our friendly helpdesk.
We have built our business on making our customers happy.
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