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IMS is a Leading WiFi & Communication Partner for the Hospitality sector in the UK and throughout Europe. We provide technology, solutions, and support that make customers’ lives easier. We are specialists in guest technology and guest experience in Hospitality.

We provide fully integrated solutions including: Connectivity, WiFi, IP Phone Solutions, IPTV & Casting Solutions, Digital Signage, Video Conferencing, Consultancy.

Our portfolio consists of projects throughout the UK, and Europe and includes The Staycity Group, The Dalata Group, Frasers Hospitality, EDYN & The Radisson Group. Our projects have included Hotels, Aparthotels & Serviced Apartments.

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A True Home WiFi Experience

IMS allows guests to connect to their own personal private WiFi Network to replicate a connection experience just like at home. Guests’ numerous connected devices (smartphones, computers, consoles, smart TVs, Chromecast, printers, connected watches, connected speakers, etc.) can easily be connected to the WiFi of the Hotels/Serviced Apartments and can easily and securely communicate with one another.

IMS has achieved this feat by developing a technology we call the Personal Entertainment Network while maintaining the physical architecture of collective WiFi. The PEN is not just limited to the apartment, it allows you to roam throughout the property while staying connected to the private, secure network.

Certified Partner of Market-Leading CommScope Ruckus WiFi Hardware

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CommScope Ruckus is the market-leading provider of high-density Wi-Fi Solutions, with almost 70% of the hospitality market and 86% of the world’s luxury properties relying on Ruckus Wi-Fi.

CommScope Ruckus’ unique selling point is its adaptive antenna technology which reduces noise, increases throughput, and improves performance.

IMS install CommScope Ruckus access points in optimal locations throughout a building, ensuring 100% signal and connectivity to all users.

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CommScope Ruckus have developed patented technologies for their Access Points that go beyond the everyday to ensure superior connections and awesome user experiences. These include:

– Ruckus Cloudpath – Delivers secure network access for any user, and any device, on any network.

– BeamFlex improves signal performance over longer distances.

– SmartMesh makes it easy to deploy APs in the toughest locations.

– ChannelFly minimises interference by selecting the least congested channel.

– SmartCast maximises the reliability and performance of delay-sensitive applications.

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