Introducing PEN: a game-changer for the hospitality industry

By Earl Murtagh-Naughton – Head of Marketing & Brand Development, IMS

IMS is excited to announce the launch of an innovative new product for the hospitality sector called the Personal Entertainment Network or PEN which is “In-Room Entertainment For A New World”. These days our homes are filled with a huge variety of devices connected to the internet, including Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, Wireless Printers, Wireless Voice Assistants & Video Game Consoles. It stands to reason that when we can get away to a hotel again we will want to enjoy the same comforts of home wherever we are. Today’s guests need private and secure networks that enable their smart devices to connect and share content effortlessly and that is where the new IMS product PEN comes in!

At IMS, we have recognised the need for a WiFi experience within the hospitality setting which replicates the home environment. One which involves an uncomplicated connection but at the same time is robust and secure. We know the Personal Entertainment Network delivers this home-from-home Wi-Fi Experience that your guests desire.

Within a traditional Wi-Fi experience, a hotel guest would connect to a single open network which would generally has low levels of security and would also not allow for devices to communicate with each other. This meant connecting devices like wireless printers, wireless speakers or video game consoles was a very challenging task.

The IMS Personal Entertainment Network (PEN) will change all that and deliver a true home from home network experience that enables guests to connect any device and share any content through their own personal network.

Introducing the PEN – Animation

So just imagine it, on arrival at your hotel you will receive a guest email with your own unique wifi key which is valid for the duration of your stay. As a guest, you can then use this unique key to connect to any device to the network in the same way you would at home.

Once connected to the PEN, guests can then instantly browse the internet, chat with their friends, look up the latest news, check their social media accounts, and communicate with other devices in their network. The possibilities are endless, just imagine being able to connect to your smartphone, tablet, laptop, casting devices, voice assistant, wireless speakers, printers, and game consoles just like you would at home.

It is also important to note that all devices on PEN are kept in a secure personal network that is not accessible from other guests or devices on the property. The other great news is that the PEN is not just limited to the guest’s room either, it allows you to roam throughout the property while staying connected to your private secure network. This means as a guest you can connect an unlimited number of these types of devices to the network throughout the hotel.

PEN Mobile Application

The PEN also allows guests to cast entertainment from their devices to the TV enabling guests to watch what they want when they want, so you’ll be hooked up to your Netflix, Disney, Apple TV, Spotify or Amazon Prime, or whatever streaming service you enjoy in no time.

The Personal Entertainment Network (PEN) also comes with a handy mobile app to show guests how to use the network and it also offers further services from your hotel like meeting rooms, dinner reservations, spa treatments, etc which makes for a superior hotel experience like no other!

Speaking recently about PEN, Shane Hartigan CEO of IMS was enthusiastic about the new product ”Here at IMS we were keenly aware that because of the pandemic, once hospitality eventually reopened that the in-room experience would be vitally important to the guest experience” he explained.  ”Restrictions on numbers of guests in particular areas of the hotel and other Covid measures will also be the norm so that’s why we created a one-stop Wi-Fi network which delivers a home-from-home experience in the Personal Entertainment Network (PEN) and we can’t wait for our clients and their guests to get to experience it first hand” he said.

Commercial Director of IMS UK Julian Lloyd also spoke about the many benefits of the new product ”With the launch of PEN, IMS has stepped up and innovated and adapted to what we can offer our hospitality clients and their guests moving forward” he said. ”Today’s guests need and expect access to private and secure wireless networks that seamlessly enable their smart devices to communicate over Wi-Fi just like in their homes every time they travel, and with PEN we have created an in-room experience which takes into consideration the many changes that have occurred since the Covid pandemic” he pointed out.

So for more information on the ultimate hotel experience and to get connected to the IMS Personal Entertainment Network (PEN) – contact us today!